Homoeopathy literally means “treatment by the same” it is based on the key principle that a drug taken in small amounts will cure the same symptoms it cause in large amounts.

Hahnemann found that the symptoms that occurred when a drug substance it taken by a person, where removed by the
minute very low doses of the same drug.

Aeikyo manufacturing process is a special mode in homoeopathy to produce that mother tincture which allows the
incorporation of plant specific minerals.

This product catalogue contains a very comprehensive listing of Aeikyo product range that you can use in your day
to day practice.

Last but not the least, I will discuss about Aeikyo Product Aeikyo Vita Bio-gen Fort Syrup that has cured or rather improved
cases of OSTEOPOROSIS and OSTEOARTHRITIS given Wonderful results in joints pain and anaemia, revitalizes in old age
like a zeal booster.

Dr. Neetika Khanna M.D. (Practice of Medicine)

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They are a perfect blend of Quality,Reliability and efficiacy. Aeikyo has the widestrange of medicines,and are easily available at all Homoeopathic stores.
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All the homeopathic medicines available here of all kinds like german and indian. Very helpful owner also as they tell some medicines for disease without any charge Homeopathic doctor is also available there for the patients.
honey gupta
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Good service and you will get all the range of german homeopathy medicines only in that shop. And have aekyo company medicines whose responsive is massive on diseases
himanshu anil singh
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